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Selaam thank you for your services :)

  •  Commented on: September 30, 2020

please.... how come no eng sub??? it says on the top that there are eng sub... but there isnt!!!!

  •  Commented on: September 07, 2014

plz continue as it is farsi and eng sub... plzzzz inshaAllah

  •  Commented on: June 07, 2011

Allah razi olsun, very good deed indeed:)i'll download all inshaAllah

  •  Commented on: March 27, 2011

inshaAllah, i will redo it with bigger fonts, but first i would like to finish translating it into Turkish :)thank u for great ideas..

  •  Commented on: March 21, 2011

very beautiful, can u plz translate to Eng someone?

  •  Commented on: March 15, 2011

this is his video that i'm talking about:
to be excact, finally after all his vain talk, at the 11:58-59 minutes of his video, he says that the Prophet frowns at the blind Muslim... before that, as if he reads the heart of the Prophet saaw, he explains why he did so -The Prophet was worried(!)as to what pagans would think of him!also he hints that some people -must be shia of course- to change the tafseer of this surah!

  •  Commented on: March 13, 2011

i happened 2 look his tafseer of Surah Abasa; he should learn more about the character of our Prophet saaw, then he would think twice to blame him for frowning at the blind Muslim!

  •  Commented on: March 13, 2011

elhamdulillAh thank u 4 yr feedback i have been working on this subject about 5 years now, elhandulillahilledi hadanaa i only know this subject which has conflict do u know other? will give a try insA

  •  Commented on: March 11, 2011
i desire a life which deserves martyrdom inshaA
serving Almighty inshaA may Allah accept it aminnn
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